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Research Collaborative

International Conference on Nubia  " Tangible and Intangible : Language and Culture"

Topics & Call for papers

Arts and Architecture : Sustainability & development of Indigenous practices.

Eco-Solutions to promote local economies

Language development in the Digital Age : a matter of semantics

Revival of Traditional Crafts

Creative solutions to education and cultural promotion : Combating looting and cultural appropriation

Research Collaboration with Brownbook Magazine

Research | Academic & Social for NUBIA ISSUE (issue 63) 2017

Introduction to Nubian Culture and Heritage essay

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Cultural Preservation Workshops

• Working with FUTOUR, we will facilitate a series of strategic policy-oriented workshops on culture preservation and create a plan of action for viable and sustainable means for the development of Nubia and its people.

• The sessions will bring together academics, experts, and stakeholders interested in the sustainable development of Nubia to share best practices and determine the path forward through FUTOUR's innovative techniques.

Exhibition Participation & Organisation. Promoting creativity in safeguarding culture.


NEBB Arts & Culture Exhibits

• In collaboration with Professor Herman Bell curator of the Nubian Languages and Culture Project, and the Wye Valley Society, TNI co-organised an exhibition and lecture: "A Tale of Two Rivers: the Lower Wye and the Nubian Nile" to emphasise the importance of "Protecting Sites of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Cultural Importance". 23 February 2017 at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, UK.

• TNI also participated in an international exhibition Italy | Contemporary arts in Venice, 2016.

Spanner in the works 

Nebb (Gold in Nubian). The proposed exhibition will bring together artists addressing ancient and tribal heritages through modern mediums in the work: paintings, photography, fashion, jewellery and interior design. Every artist will have an opportunity to highlight different work, but the central theme will be Nubian inspired work.


• TNI  is currently working on a documentary focusing on untold stories and culture continuity. It will feature untold and forgotten stories. The outcome will be a part of our digital archive on Nubia.

• Photos and short clips of the interviews will be featured on our interactive digital platform.

Digital Solutions . Sustainable Heritage Rebranding

New World Nubia

NUBI : Nubian Language Learning Application 

• Objective: Engage Nubians in the diaspora with their endangered language within the framework of revitalisation and sustainability.

Upcoming Interactive Platform (IP)

• Objective: Engage audience in Nubians' relationship to their heritage within the framework of revitalisation and sustainability.

• TNI and Massimedia will assemble an all encompassing digital interactive platform to present ancient and contemporary dimensions of Nubia.

• The IP will provide a venue to trace connections between ancient civilisation and current efforts for socio-economic development as well as sustainable tourism. That is to say, in addition to being a multifaceted platform layering aspects of Nubia's ancient civilisation and archaeological sites, the IP will also feature social entrepreneurs and organisations reviving sustainable development efforts in Nubia: economic and otherwise.