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Our Approach

The Nubia Initiative (TNI) is a transboundary international non-profit organisation dedicated to safeguarding all things Nubia.

Our Narrative

TNI curates trans-boundary projects on Nubian cultural preservation and sustainable socioeconomic development efforts. To achieve our mission, TNI’s international network of academics and professionals will continue to structure projects and partnerships to target the following goals:

Revitalisation & Awareness : Produce online multimedia archives to represent the endangered Nubian history, archaeology and culture;
Sustainability : Engage local communities, particularly youth, in viable socio-economic projects, specifically focused on Green Economy and Sustainability;
Tourism : Supporting local and international entrepreneurial efforts towards sustainable tourism in Nubia


Board of Directors

Dimah Mahmoud, Ph.D.

Co Founder

Prof. Richard Lobban

Board Member | Academia

Dahlia Mahmoud, MFA

Co Founder

Ahmed Abuzayed, Ph.D.

Board Member | Academia

Prof. Herman Bell

Board Member | Academia

Massimiliano Fusari, Ph.D.

Communication Strategist

Biographies and Profiles